Little Spider Creations | Little Spider Creations About Us
Little Spider Creations tells their story in About Us to describe their journey through the entertainment industry and Halloween business
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About Us

LSC’s mission is to promote art in a manufacturing form to teach, learn, and add back to the world of art.

Little Spider Creations (LSC) is the leader in the prop and theming industry. LSC is a one of a kind that has been transforming traditional art into modern value added products and services. We pride ourselves in serving the client with amazing products and services, but we are also ceaselessly looking how to improve and evolve our artistic capabilities.

Our Story

LSC was created in 1991 by Marc Brawner by sculpting latex masks out of clay. From there his artistic curiosity evolved the company into building haunted houses and making props for TV promos. Eventually Marc collected all the combined mastering of various media and launched what is now LSC. The entire Brawner family operates in the business creating imagination for each client. We believe that whatever our clients can imagine, we can create. Whether that be an egyptian themed escape room, an underwater sea creature haunted house, or Santa’s sleigh photo op, LSC can make your imagination come true.


With LSC’s head office located in a 54,000 sq ft. facility in Little River, South Carolina, LSC delivers its services and products to many different industries across the globe. These include but are certainly not limited to: amusement, industrial, retail and theatrical. We are able to design and create ideas anywhere from creepy scary, to playful in character. Our talent knows no bounds.