Red’s Revenge Haunted House
Little Spider Creations built a custom haunted house for Six Flags Magic Mountain in LA California. The custom theming and props were made for a storyline on Red Riding Hood who took revenge on the village and wolf who betrayed her.
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About This Project

LSC created an original haunted house idea for Six Flags Magic Mountain in California called Red’s Revenge. The storyline goes like this:

Little Red Riding Hood sought out revenge on the wolf for killing her grandmother. She then sought revenge on the village for turning their backs when she was in need of their help. She summoned the creatures of the dark to help her get the revenge she deserved.

As you walk through this haunted house you experience the forest, cabin where grandmother was devoured, the cave through which Red traveled into the depths of the dark, and finally emerging to Red’s grand throne guarded by her creatures.
Our products are famous for being the best of the best. Here are a few links to show how everyone loves this haunt:

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