Transworld Tradeshow 2023
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  • Best booth 2023
  • Best booth 2023 Transworld Tradeshow
  • Best booth 2023 Transworld Tradeshow

About This Project

Voted Best Booth for the 2023 Halloween Transworld Tradeshow in St Louis, Missouri.

LSC imagined and created a scene of our pumpkin king who has overgrown a medieval tower and has grown his own creatures to take dominion over the area. A large pumpkin king sits on top of the tower that guests are able to venture up into and see the entire tradeshow from an elevated view. Guests can then venture through the tower into the cave filled with water effects, cave winds, and custom torches to light the way.

The courtyard consists of fully sculpted pumpkin characters and rock formations for the garden wall and entrance pillars.

painting, Sculpting, Spray on Poly, Theming, wood & metal infrastructure